The value of understanding what you read.

Back over on the insession message boards, the usual cast of suspects are again showing that they are completely unable to comprehend what they are reading.

Someone posts a link saying “sometimes a quit claim can be fraud”. Someone else takes that to mean ALL quit claims are fraud.

Someone reposts info from days ago, as explained by a RE agent, and the same group of old biddie hags can’t understand what they’re reading. For every one intelligent poster like savannah star who understands basic concepts, there’s 4 others who Cannot Understand Normal Thinking.

It’s a constant stream of slanderous posts, slandering Summer McStay, Joey McStay, Michael McStay…I’m actually surprised they haven’t yet slandered Gianni or Joey Jr.

Then there’s this whole idea some of the “sleuthers” seem to have that law enforcement somehow owes it to them to give them new info. What an insane thought. Oh, and the ones that actually believe that law enforcement is busy monitoring the boards at all times. Too funny.

I wonder what some of these saddos would do if their internet went down. Do you think they’d go for a walk, go visit a friend, something normal? I don’t. I think they’d fret and cry and worry that something might happen while they weren’t online and they’d miss being the first to post about it!

Another perfect example of a complete lack of understanding or comprehension.

A posted put up 2 links. One to the property deed being granted to Joey, with Deutsche Bank as one of the 2 grantors.

The other link to a news story about how Deutsche Bank is being investigated.

The response from one of my favorite brilliant minds?

“In a nutshell, what does it mean? Joey was involved in the Deutsch Bank fraud?”

No, you moron, it doesn’t. Go back to lurken already.


7 Responses to “The value of understanding what you read.”

  1. Sherry Says:

    You are so very right. I go to In Session mesage boards to see if there has been any news of this family & most of the posts are laughable. They will go on & on for pages and no one knows what anyone is talking about. I don’t think they ever read any previous posts because they will ask a question about something that was already addressed about 6 posts up. Most of the time they will rehash the same thing over and over trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. The little snippets of info you can find about someone on the internet is just enough to give people like this something to run with. They don’t have any real facts so they decide to just come up with their own theories and then wonder why everyone else doesn’t see how brilliant they are.

    “Why doesn’t LE tell us something?”…That just kills me! LE is doing their job and I’m sure the last thing they are concerned with is a bunch of “sleuths” on a message board. They all talk about calling animal control, Interpol, etc. as if they think they are LE.

    I do hope this family is found safe. Until LE tells us something differently, I still believe they are victims, not criminals.

  2. Talula Says:

    I have been to that message board. Because I did not agree with what some of the others were thinking, I was automatically accused of being a banned contributor posting under a new alias. I like to look at a situation from all possible angles. If you follow one narrow path of thinking, you may miss out on something big. Some of the things I suggested were completely misconstrued and taken out of context. Some of the people on there are very nice, but it is a very tight-knit group that does not always take well to newcomers. They have their own ways of doing things. I no longer wish to try and diversify their group’s dynamics.
    And you are correct about LE. LE doesn’t owe anyone any explanations. Not even the family, if the information is critical and/or supersensitive.

  3. Sherry Says:

    I have almost posted on there myself but, I’ve seen the way they sometimes treat the “newbies” as they like to call them. There are 2 or 3 on there that do seem really nice and act like they have a grain of sense but, they are by far outnumbered by the others. As you said they will accuse you of being banned & using a new name or they assume that you haven’t followed the case & therefore don’t know what you’re talking about just because you haven’t been posting on a message board 24/7.

    I was on there today looking to see if there was any news of this family & there seems to be someone posting that they believe to be Joey’s brother. One of the nutcases actually asked him if he had Joey’s phone records & computer passwords & if he could post that info for them so that they could go thru it. OH MY GOD!! Don’t the morons know that LE has already done that? I guess with their delusions of grandeur they believe they can do a better job. Yeah sure, he’s gonna put his brother’s phone records out there for a bunch of fruitloops to look at. They would be up all night calling every number on there & grilling whoever answers. All I can say is if it is Joey’s brother, he needs to RUN…RUN AS FAST AS HE CAN.

  4. Diana Says:

    edocol, PLEASE tell me you do not think savannahstar is intelligent! LOL, even further, please tell me you are not she. As far as intelligent goes; I certainly cannot accuse her of that one!

    Thought I’d found a great place to post here, but now I think not.

    • edocol Says:

      She’s intelligent enough to understand that the posters I dislike are bad people, she’s just much better at playing nice with them.

      And no, I’m not she, nor am I a she as some of the more immature posters like to post.

      This is a great place to post, we don’t have to agree on everyone.

  5. Guidry Says:

    Wow. Savannah Star getting compliments. She’s one of the most hated people on IS. Seriously, there are many PMs that have been passed about her,especially with her ignorant posts in the Caylee Anthony threads. I can deal with a lot, but SavannahStar is a know-it-all and a jerk. She tries to act coy and pretend to care, but she usually is just trying to embarrass a poster.

    Plus she seems clueless all the time and doesn’t know the “facts”.

    I never thought I would see the day where she was complimented anywhere, since she’s a big joke to most posters at insessions..

    but yes, there are plenty of ignorant posters, especially in the McStay thread. I would write out the names, but I think most who read the thread know who the crazy (and clueless) people are.

    But savannah star being intelligent? ha!

    You should have seen her during the Natalee Holloway days, when she harped on poor Beth Twitty. Savannah is a nasty shrew!

    • edocol Says:

      So by insulting her and talking about messages being passed behind someone’s back as if you were in grade school or something, the only thing you’ve proven is that you’re a hateful shrew who loves to gossip.
      Grannyb, is that you? I see your IP is from Houston, so it must be.

      Maybe you’re mad at her because she constantly proves that you’re nothing but a nasty old hag.

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