Who is LoCoDe/eDoCoL, and where are the McStay family?

First, let’s clear some stuff up.

I am not: Michael McStay, Summer McStay, or Joey McStay. I’m definitely not Steph Watts!

I don’t know a soul from the McStay family, or their extended families.

I came across this case just like anyone else did, by reading about it on the news. One thing led to another, and I entered the hellhole AKA the insession message boards.

90% of the people on the boards are simply terrible people.

I started with trying to find info, and posting interesting stuff, and reading what others had to say. However, it soon became apparent that many of the users, such as grannyb, dunlurken, and redcherries, are simply put, INSANE.

They simply do not think like a normal person would, and once they have something stuck in their tiny little heads, they never let it go. redcherries is STILL obsessing over whether or not there were any of the kids beanies in the house. Can you believe it?

So, ultimately I got into it with a few of them, got some violations, and got banned. Not a big deal, but I still followed the case. Steph Watts posted some terrible updates, terrible because he had the facts wrong, and terrible because for a professional journalist his spelling and grammar are atrocious! I then had to see that the amazing Steph Watts had leaked info that he wasn’t supposed to, and in doing so not only hurt his own credibility but that of Tim Miller as well.

So, I got into it with Steph as well.

The result of all this is that I’ve been accused of being Mike, Joey, Summer, Steph, and also that I’m hiding the family in Canada!

What does this tell me about “internet detectives”, you ask?

It tells me that MOST of them are mentally ill in some way. Sad people with no lives and nothing better to do than create havoc. And that’s really a shame, because some people are intelligent, can find interesting information, and have sound theories. Unfortunately those people are overwhelmed by the fools and morons.

The important thing however is that the family is hopefully found. Whatever the reason for the disappearance, and there are many possibilities, they seem to be a great family and I would hate it if something bad has happened to them

All the best…


14 Responses to “Who is LoCoDe/eDoCoL, and where are the McStay family?”

  1. Alina Says:

    Thank you….You are ABSOLUTELY right. Whatever the reason for their disappearance, I pray that they come home safe…. and sooner rather than later!

  2. Jane Doe Says:

    Is that you FloridaMan?

  3. Black Heart Says:

    Is that you eight toes?

  4. Black Heart Says:

    Is that you Tracy Jacks?

  5. Thousand DeadSouls Says:

    Is that you eight toes?

  6. Jane Doe Says:

    Yay! I’m the only one who guessed right. I must be one of the smart ones. ; )

  7. Jane Doe Says:

    mmm, ice cream! Great idea!

  8. Diana Says:

    Oh, PLEASE add savannahstar to your list at IS! MEAN!!!!! And the rest of the overweight old biddies are her peons!

  9. Diana Says:

    Oh, and Krista, who knows it all. She is OBSESSED! She feels personally connected because she lives in the same state! LOL! Freaky!

    Glittershost is the local and provides some real information!

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