McStay family YouTube

I found this to be interesting. There are 3 playlists on Joey’s youtube page.

5 videos

My Boyz

1 week ago
more info

5 months ago
more info

The playlist called My Boyz says “1 week ago” ONE week ago? ONE WEEK?

Meaning it was created ONE WEEK ago?



8 Responses to “McStay family YouTube”

  1. Chromedaffodils Says:

    I saw their youtube account right after I heard the news, I also saw the playlist had like a day ago or something rather soon, it bothered me enough to question another web-sleuth buddy, who told me that yt sometimes messes up that way, but they had no answer and neither do I. I think it is suspicious, however the videos are all of upload dates that were older, but I do think it would be good for yt to verify if this is an error or a true date. The login date or last seen did NOT correspond with this, so I was not to alarmed. I do think someone should push this farther just to be safe, However why login, make a play list and log out? That seems odd. But can never be to careful. I would advise reporting it, I also have my email to my friend, which would show it had a new date way back then too if that would help at all, email me or something. Take care

  2. Thousand DeadSouls Says:

    It was showing “1 week ago” LAST week. My youtube account will sometimes show erroneous dates when I KNOW nothing has been downloaded or any changes made. Don’t think it’s anything to be alarmed about. But… with this case don’t think any stone needs to be left unturned.

  3. Nicole Says:

    On the McStay’s You Tube page it says their last sign-in was 1 hour ago. Has anyone seen that yet? What do you make of that???

  4. dogs Says:

    I think that has to be wrong as I have been looking at this play list since they went missing. It had to be made if I was looking at it. Right?

  5. Dogs Says:

    Ok, But u tube makes errors. It seems to be the same play list that has been up all along.

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