Steph Watts is BAD NEWS.

Mike McStay was 100% on the money when he called out Steph.

Steph has now affected the credibility of 2 major SAR organizations. Clearly, his credibility is now completely gone.


3 Responses to “Steph Watts is BAD NEWS.”

  1. Diana Says:

    Of course Steph’s credibility is gone. He somehow landed jobs with major networks and could not hold onto them.

    My take on Steph Watts is that he wears Victoria Secret pink thongs under those dang big boy pants he is forced to wear in public. I think we would all be shocked to see what he would be wearing at home after he got all nice and comfy!

  2. edocol Says:

    I don’t like that mental picture at all.

  3. Dogs Says:


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