The bumbling idiots who post on the InSession message boards about the missing McStay family.

It makes me wince reading what these people post.

Someone thought they’d found a giant clue when they posted a link to a large real estate investment firm that happens to share a name with one of Joey McStay’s co-workers/partners.

It would have taken this moron all of 10 seconds to realize what they were looking at, but oh no, they run over and post it.

The firm isn’t even named after a person. Of course the all-mighty admin goes in and says that because it’s not the same “person”, all posts were deleted. It’s not even a person! LOL!

Last night a bunch of these brain-dead fools got together and posted a list of questions for Mike McStay to answer. It does seem that he is legitimately on the board, posting as Mike Dirt. All well and good, however most of the questions were stupid, and one clown even had the nerve to say that he owed it to them to tell them what he thought had happened to his family. Mike, if you’re smart, stay away from the fools. 98% of them are complete idiots who couldn’t “sleuthe” their way from the kitchen to the bathroom without help.

A lot of these people must have miserable, empty lives to spend so much of them speculating about other people. Some of them are just terrible people to begin with, constantly looking for some way to slander and/or blame someone, and make judgements about them, even though the only way they “know” them is through a few videos and pictures. I really believe that some of these people actually would prefer if there was some kind of messy ending to this story, so they could go on for months about it, potential court cases, etc etc.

Oh, and one thing I should point out to the posters. When Tim Miller makes an off the cuff remark about one person having “12 aliases”, it doesn’t actually mean that she has 12 aliases. It’s an exaggeration. All the aliases that this person has have been listed already.

Personally I truly hope that the McStay family is found alive and healthy and with a perfectly good explanation for what happened. That would obviously be the best possible ending. I’m not sure if that will happen, but I’m not going to speculate anymore as to what happened to make them disappear. I just wish the families all the best.


5 Responses to “The bumbling idiots who post on the InSession message boards about the missing McStay family.”

  1. Diana Says:

    Well, it is all well and good to play kissy azz over at IS, but that does not find this family. And praying! LOL! Truth be known, I bet none of the fat old biddies has said a prayer in years!

    savannahstar claims she works. Man! Give me a job where I can read a message board and post all day! There is a term for that: Time theft!

  2. Dogs Says:

    Really, so many seem to be on the job. That is a crime in itself.

  3. Sherry Says:

    I would really like to have their “jobs”. I actually have work to do when I’m at my job. Can’t spend all day trying to determine the square footage of someone’s warehouse or some other useless information.

  4. Rhondala Says:

    They are all “disabled”, I think. Don’t get me wrong ! I work with the truly disabled who try to live in the real world with their limitations. *Note my sarcasm* 🙂

  5. Edouard Denis Boudreau Says:

    The only fucking thing that an isessed bitch wants to wear at twenty is her ssymelly panties.Therefor sticking her god damn noze were it doesnt belong.

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