The “super sleuths” at the IS message boards continue to amaze. McStay family still missing.

No really, they are quite incredible.

They’re STILL trying to decipher the information around the McStay’s purchase of their house.

It’s really quite simple. Joey bought the house. Summer deeded her portion of the house to him, obviously because for whatever reason, her name wasn’t going to be on the loan. Joey then received the mortgage.

Summer: Grantor to Joey

Deutsche Bank – Grantor to Joey

Joey – Grantor to mortgage company.

There are three transactions, all filed on the same date, and they’re probably in the wrong order, causing about 2 seconds of confusion to anyone with COMMON SENSE.

But still the geniuses over at IS think that Summer somehow bought the house (despite their being no deed to her), or that Joey granted Summer something (showing that they don’t actually comprehend the meaning of grantor and grantee).

This was all well explained something like 2 weeks ago, but they can’t accept that explanation, or they’re so old and have such bad memories they can’t even remember it.

And if they really wanted to, they could order copies of the deeds online and have them mailed out! I guess that would be too easy.

And these people really think they can solve mysteries? LOL! They couldn’t solve the Caramilk secret, let alone a family of 4 disappearing.

They go around and around in circles about the same stuff. Why? Because they don’t have a freaking clue, that’s why!

Some genius wanted to put together a list of their “findings” and send it to LE. As if LE didn’t already have that info.

Another genius takes every possible opportunity to throw in a shot at Summer about aliases. It’s so childish, especially coming from someone whose ALIAS is “grannyb”. Grow up old woman. You’re a pathetic person.

Then there’s one genius who seems to think that Joey’s fountain business is a giant fraud.

Well genius (doctor j), take a look at this link:

Obviously with that amount of custom features, it’s pretty clear that his business was very legit.

I really feel bad for any members of the families who have taken the time to read any of these message boards. Reading these insane people coming up with insane theories and doing their best to slander their family members at all times must be terribly discouraging.

It’s also sad that these people don’t have their own lives to lead, and instead live on the internet desperately trying to make themselves feel worthy. Some even post that they’re losing sleep with worry. Face it, you’re not helping, you’re not capable of figuring this out, so if you really want to do some good in the world, volunteer your time to help others in your own community!


2 Responses to “The “super sleuths” at the IS message boards continue to amaze. McStay family still missing.”

  1. Jane Doe Says:

    I have to agree with a lot of what you are saying. Hopefully if the family members do read the forum posts, they will keep a copy so that in the event the family is found, they can ascertain if they can properly sue for libel. Some of the posts, if not true, come close, I’d bet.

  2. Dogs Says:

    Great Work ITA 200%

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