A twist in the missing McStay case?

There are coincidences in life, and then there are happenings that just don’t seem to fit.

Without naming names, a person who had a past history with one of the parents was arrested in Jan, 2010. Within 3 weeks of this happening, the family disappeared.

Coincidence? Random chance? I don’t know.

I do know this. I have shared this information with law enforcement. Whether anything comes of it is another question.


6 Responses to “A twist in the missing McStay case?”

  1. Alina Says:

    Question?: A past history with Summer and/or Joseph or a past history with Summer and/or Joseph’s parents?

    Thank you for reporting this and anything else to the authorities. I hope that something will give them a clue real soon.

  2. edocol Says:

    Summer or Joseph.

  3. Cora Says:

    Why can’t you name names? Wouldn’t an arrest be public record anyhow?

    • edocol Says:

      Simply because I see no reason to. LE knows the name and the circumstances, and if anything comes of it I’m sure the name will become public.
      This isn’t the National Enquirer, and I’m not pond scum like SW.

  4. Cora Says:

    enquiring minds want to know, lol. I see your point. I like the way you think and the fact that you are bringing reason and logic to some of the hype.

  5. Diana Says:

    You are a no nonsense person, edocol, and I like that. This does sound like more than a coincidence.

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