Follow up to a twist in the McStay case.

The person mentioned is ex-military, and has a conviction on his record for making threats.


In other news, apparently Texas Equu search is coming back to help out with the search for the McStay’s.

In news of the weird, it appears that Steph Watts has indeed starting working for the National Enquirer, as he’s posted a bizarre photo of a rock formation claiming that it might be the body of Natalee Holloway. Pathetic.


5 Responses to “Follow up to a twist in the McStay case.”

  1. Alina Says:

    Texas Equu Search is coming back out to California?….Does that mean that they are looking in a certain direction….a certain outcome? Did your information about this ex military person help guide them and give them a clue?

  2. edocol Says:

    My information went straight to law enforcement, end of story. What happens from there is none of my business.

  3. Alina Says:

    What county was this person arrested in? Does anyone know?

  4. edocol Says:

    Yes, law enforcement knows.
    That’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

  5. Diana Says:

    TES has no plans at this time to come back.

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