Missing McStay case, more info on the man with the past.

Still talking about the man that has had prior dealing with either Joey or Summer.

Back in 2004 he was arrested and convicted of harassment and threats. Who was he harassing? A mother with 2 children (no connection to the McStay family).

He served 6 days jail, and was ordered to go to anger management counseling. There was a restraining order placed against him, and a civil suit was filed.

He violated his probation by not attending the counseling, came back before the court and had to follow through with the counseling.

OnJan 10, 2010 he was arrested, essentially for trespassing, but I do not know the full circumstance or the situation of the arrest. He served 3 days, and was given one year probation after pleading guilty on Jan 12, 2010. Unfortunately the sheriff’s arrest log only goes back 30 days, and they don’t seem to have an online archive.

He is an ex-Marine.

He is a surfer and a snowboarder.

He moved back to California at the end of 2009.

Is it possible that he’s carried a grudge against one of the McStay’s due to their dealings?

It is very possible that he may not have even realized that he might have been wronged (if he in fact was wronged, there is no proof of that) until recently, as there has been a lot of press recently about similar situations.

Again, I find it hard to believe in coincidence.

A man with a past history of anger problems, convicted of harassment and making threats, arrives back in California. Within 3 weeks of doing so, he is arrested. Within 3 weeks of that, the McStay family vanishes into thin air.


4 Responses to “Missing McStay case, more info on the man with the past.”

  1. Diana Says:

    This makes sense.

  2. edocol Says:

    Still trying to find more details about the January arrest.

  3. Diana Says:

    Thank you. I would love to know.

  4. V.E.G. Says:

    I do not know if Joseph McStay is related to Allan McStay, a man from Moffat County. Ironically, Allan McStay died one year to the day before 9/11 and he was born 67 years to the day before the Virginia Tech shooting!

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