If psychics are real, then there would be no missing people.

Sadly over on the McStay family IS boards yesterday, a bunch of people were waiting up because some psychic or “forensic astrologist” had predicted that something would happen on Sunday.


As Penn & Teller said so well, psychic phenomena is BULL SHIT! Astrology is BULL SHIT as well.

No one has ever proven themselves to be psychic. It’s simply not real.

Oh, and there aren’t any ghosts either. Just so you know.

I really hope the families aren’t stupid enough to start listening to psychic BS.

I love the classic psychic answer to the lottery question. You know the one, “if you’re psychic why don’t you win the lottery?”. They always answer by claiming that their powers don’t work for personal gain. YET, they have no problem charging for readings. Hmmmmmmmm…….

Back to the message boards for a bit. These people are mostly vile individuals.  If the family isn’t in the news for a day or so, they think it’s because they know where they are, or they’re being negligent. When they are in the news, someone else is claiming that they’re publicity hungry, that it’s all a stunt like balloon boy, and that they’re looking to profit. Some of these people need to give their heads a giant shake. These families are trying to keep their own lives together, look after their own incomes, their own kids who have practices and recitals and what not. There’s not a whole lot more that they can do, unless they give up their own incomes, which just isn’t practical.

And as far as the McStay family goes, so many board posters go on and on about their being “no searches”. Well seriously, where do they start?

There is one thing that everyone seems to be in agreement on though. One precious thing. That the poster ‘redcherries’ is absolutely insane. That is one poster that everyone should ignore. LOL!


9 Responses to “If psychics are real, then there would be no missing people.”

  1. Tulula Says:

    Just RedCherries? Good lord! Except for two or three, they’re all a bunch of xenophobic sycophants.

  2. edocol Says:

    Well, she is by far the worst, but certainly the likes of dunlurken, grannyb & doctorj (and I know I’ve missed some), are also pretty far gone towards the dark side.

  3. edocol Says:

    forgot tismeagain and jammies. They’re a right pair of d-bags.

  4. edocol Says:

    *minnowman* is another I forgot. At least he’s honest about the size of his brain though!

  5. Diana Says:


    What about the robo poster, savannahstar? She really isn’t adding any research to the boeard at IS. She is either giving approval to the other old biddies posts, or posting a snarky remark and the others follow!

  6. Diana Says:

    Oh, please forgive my typos!

  7. Sherry Says:

    Sorry but, anyone who sits at a computer and posts on a message board all day has got to have some kind of disorder. Most people have their own lives happening. They’re really sad in a funny kind of way. Really emply people that thrive on other’s misfortunes.

  8. AReader Says:

    Glad to see you have such an open mind about this. Psychics & Mediums are VERY real, and SOME definately can and do communicate. That said, it’s an easy field for scam artists or some that believe in abilities they do not have.

    But I know I’ve had readings that have given me detailed information I did not know myself (so that rules out mind reading), and such specifics that it wouldn’t fit 99.9% of people. I also know one medium that worked for months to find a missing child and finally did. It’s just not an exact science. They get glimpses of things, that are like parts of a jigsaw puzzle and it’s very hard for it to make sense and put it together. Often the most success comes when they work with an open minded LE who can see where the facts fit in with the info on the case.

    Bottom line, please don’t rule out or mock what you personally don’t believe in. I doubt you’ve ever given it a legitimate shot to see if you might be wrong.

    • edocol Says:

      No, I don’t have an open mind. No psychics or mediums are legit, end of story. Anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves.

      “I also know one medium that worked for months to find a missing child and finally did.”

      Really, so who are they, who was the child, and where’s the news stories touting this miracle?

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