Missing McStay family. Where’s the motivation? And why wait so long to search?

While the geniuses over at the InSession message boards are busy infighting and coming up with insane theories, they’ve managed to miss the best clue so far. The motivation.

As posted by ‘Mike Dirt’, aka Michael McStay, Joseph McStay’s brother and much-maligned person.

“Custom builds out of various subcontracted metal working facilities.”

This was posted in response to one of the really ugly posters who felt it was his duty to tear apart every possible part of the EIP business, especially the advertised 50,000 sq foot warehouse.

So you ask, what does this have to do with motivation?

Read it again while remembering that one of Joey’s “partners” is a welder. You know, the one who is the ex-con.

To me, this made CM an expendable part of the business. If you don’t have your own manufacturing facility anymore, and you’re out-sourcing the metal work, you don’t need a welder around anymore, do you?

When coupled with the information that the lunch meeting the day of the disappearance was with CM, many calls were exchanged that day with CM, that CM supposedly make 4 trips to the home (9,10,11,12th)  after the Izuzu was left at the border, and his past convictions and shady business dealings, it’s hard to overlook.

Joey had apparently just received a large custom order. Possibly CM felt he deserved a piece of that order, and Joey was shutting him out. I’m only speculating here, but after sex, money is the main motivator in most crimes.

I’ve always questioned the 4 visits to the house CM reportedly made after the Izuzu was left at the border. Calling them “welfare checks” seems like a cover to explain why he was there. If they really were “welfare checks”, surely the notices from the Animal Control officer would have prompted him to call the father much sooner than he did.

I think it’s entirely possible that those trips had a lot more to do with looking for some kind of paperwork related to the deal, even possibly waiting to intercept mail or a package of some kind. It would be very interesting to see the neighbour’s tapes for those days, and if it was possible to pick out CM’s vehicle and figure out how long it was there. Remember, with the street being a dead-end, he had to come out the same way as he came in.

As far as the family not searching until possibly this weekend, I believe they’ve simply listened to law enforcement, which may have been a mistake. I’d hate to think of law enforcement as being easily fooled, but it seems the leaving of the Izuzu at the border may well have done so. With them being convinced the family was in Mexico, and Joey and Summer’s families not having any experience with this sort of thing, it’s understandable that they would go along with that theory. Now, I believe that they have begun to understand that this theory may be completely wrong. Unfortunately there’s so much time that has passed that unless they get some help in the way of a confession or a lucky break, finding the family isn’t going to be easy at all.

Today I’m also giving an award to 2 bloggers that are smart enough to understand that no, I’m not one of the missing family or a friend of them. Savannahstar and achristie may not be the only posters who think that, but they were the only 2 I saw that risked the wrath of the moron brigade by posting their beliefs. This also shows that they have a refreshing lack of paranoia about them, as most of the morons on the site seem to have a conspiracy theory for everything. The complete moron of the day goes to the brand new poster, sara. Not only is she a paranoid conspiracy theorist, she would also appear to be in the manic phase of a bi-polar disorder. Get some help sara, you need it.


4 Responses to “Missing McStay family. Where’s the motivation? And why wait so long to search?”

  1. Cora Says:

    I am in the waterfall biz myself and I don’t think even my largest projects have been lucrative enough to risk life in prison to take out my boss. But perhaps if someone had a mental disorder, and felt they were being “dumped” by a long time associate, I can see revenge/money being a motive.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Sounds very plausible to me, edocol!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Love achristie, but SavannahStar not at all.

  4. GetOut Says:

    Savannah has been lost since the Scott Peterson days.
    She still thinks that man is innocent.

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