McStay family still missing. Another interesting fact.

According to the Orange County Government ‘fictitious business names’ site, this happened on March 16, 2010.

20106224075    03/16/2010    03/16/2015    Michael McStay

Interesting because it’s exactly one month and one day after Joseph and family disappeared.

Interesting as well that Joseph had already registered that business name (without the .com).

20066094047    EARTH INSPIRED PRODUCTS    11/28/2006    11/28/2011    JOSEPH MCSTAY

20066094047    EIP    11/28/2006    11/28/2011    JOSEPH MCSTAY

20056038854    EARTH INSPIRED PRODUCTS    08/08/2005    08/08/2010    JOSEPH MC STAY

Possibly this was only done as a way for Michael to legally help out with the business, I don’t know. It is an intriguing development.

My IS message boards loser of the day is shared by doctor j and redcherries. Both these “people” seem to believe that by doing some “sleuthing” they’ve determined that there’s no way  at all that earth inspired products could possibly have made enough money to support the family. They have no access to tax returns, or sales reports, no, they base this on site traffic reports from companies that probably don’t have the full picture of the traffic that goes to the site. One such company relies only on data from users that use their own toolbar, for example. Or in other words, completely bogus and useless information.

Their alternate income theory is Summer’s mortgage rescue site, a site which according the very same sites they use to prove that EIP gets no traffic show clearly that Summer’s site gets even less. Geniuses at work, I tell you!


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