McStay family still missing. New theory from Joey’s mother.

Apparently Summer was actively using Craigslist to shop for new/used furniture for the house, and there is speculation that the trip on the 4th was to meet someone at the local park & ride to either give a deposit or pay for and pick up an item. It’s been said that this park & ride is a bad place.

So, why would all of them go? Well, that seems obvious. Joey wouldn’t let Summer go alone, or she wouldn’t go alone because she’d be scared to. Clearly they couldn’t leave the kids at the house, so therefore they packed the kids into the Trooper and went together.

So if they met with foul play at the park & ride, what then?

Well, the Bonsall Reserve is mere minutes away from the park & ride, for one. It’s a large wooded area. First thing tomorrow I’d be out there searching it. Personally I’ve never felt this was an intended disappearance, and I think the whole thing with the car at the border and the supposed video of the family crossing was either a great red herring, or a sign that LE just took the easy way out rather than actually search. Just look at the Amber Dubois case for an example.

As far as Tim Miller’s comments, I think of them as meaningless and very unhelpful to the case, if they were comments that he actually made and weren’t made up by Steph Watts.

And back to the morons at the IS message boards who seem intent on dragging every little bit of Joey and Summer’s and Mike’s lives through the dirt. Seriously people, it’s time to stop posting your idiotic theories as if they were fact. Have enough respect for the families to at the very least, call your posts your own opinion. To say that it’s clear that the EIP business couldn’t support the family, or in one case, didn’t even exist, based on your own clueless sleuthing is unacceptable. cookiedog and lotussong get today’s awards for complete LOSERS of the day.


2 Responses to “McStay family still missing. New theory from Joey’s mother.”

  1. BeachGal33 Says:

    Edocol, I want to thank you for consistently posting OBJECTIVE information about this case, as opposed to some of the outlandish theories being recklessly thrown out on the web by these full-time forum-posters. Since I am interested in this case, I have stumbled on to the IS boards a few times and find them to be no more than the relentless diatribes of people anticipating the devastation of a family in order to make their day a bit more interesting. They are doing this by continually recycling one conspiracy-theory after another. Furthermore, it is very responsible and respectful of you to refrain from posting the names of those involved with the case who may be potential suspects. I cannot imagine the impact that these allegations could have on an innocent person’s life. Just imagine someone doing that to you! Anyway, thanks for your blog and your respect for the McStay family. Let’s hope that they are found safe very soon!

  2. alternative news that matters Says:

    revolutionary news…

    McStay family still missing. New theory from Joey’s mother. « Edocol's Blog…

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