Today’s IS message boards psycho.

Actually, I think this was from yesterday, but it’s my blog, so I’ll post it when I want to.

“g***** k******

I want to stress something that I feel is important. Many, including myself, got off track on who may be involved. This is due to a lack of constructive information, not malintent. While it’s true that no one owes us anything, not family, not LE, it certainly can add to the cause when accurate information is provided. There are many seasoned sleuthers here and given the right information, someone may just come up with the clue that we all need to find this family. Without the correct information, or lack of any information, we speculate and that is all we can do.

We all want to help and 30 heads are better than one, IMO. If it were me, I’d be spilling my guts with whatever I could. “

I starred out her alias on the off chance that it may in fact be a real name.

Remember kids, this is the same “seasoned sleuther” that posted a link to a company that shares a name with the welder for EIP, thinking that it was in fact his own website. Now I’m not a “seasoned sleuther”, but even I knew to click on the site’s about us page to find out that it was started by someone with a different name. Wow.

All these self-proclaimed “seasoned sleuthers” are doing is chasing their own tails around weeks old information and coming up with incredibly insane theories. I wouldn’t put it past these geniuses to start suggesting that the McStay’s killed Natalee Holloway.

Here’s a thought for you message board posters. If you were so darn smart, you’d have solved this case and every other one by now. Unfortunately, it’s clear that you are not very smart. If you really wanted to get involved with solving crime, you could join the police force. The only things you accomplish with your idiocy is to drag people through the muck by making crazy and unfounded accusations against their character.

So here’s what you should do if you have a theory, or a clue, or some information. CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT! Don’t post about it on a message board that the families of the missing, or the missing themselves, if found, may one day read.

PS. the suggested spell-check replacement for ‘sleuther’ is ‘slither’. Seems fitting considering that most of these ‘sleuthers’ are nothing but dirty & childish snakes.


One Response to “Today’s IS message boards psycho.”

  1. Sherry Says:

    It seems that now they are actually vying to be the star of your blog. I think the ones that you haven’t mentioned are a teensy bit jealous. They must be pretty impressed with you because they keep checking out your blogs tho they would never admit it. Maybe they will learn from you how to string a coherent sentence together. We can only hope.

    …yes, they are still beating that dead horse. Maybe soon they will come up with some really juicy sex and/or drug scandal that they can attribute to the McStays. That is after all, what they live for.

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