More brilliant work from the “seasoned sleuths” at the IS message boards.

Poor old G***** K******

She posts a link to one of the new stories about apparent emails or search queries on the internet by the McStay family.

The article includes a picture of a bank of computers. She’s desperately trying to blow up the picture so she can see the info on the screens.

Surely a “seasoned sleuth” would realize that the Sheriff’s department wouldn’t allow anyone to take pictures of their computers, wouldn’t they? LOL! It’s a STOCK PHOTO moron!

Here’s the link so you can see for yourselves.

In other news, minnowman makes yet another enemy by snapping at savannahstar for no reason, and poor sad little moondust mentions how they brought something up before but was shot down. How many times is that now moondust? 12? 15? Boohoo.

As far as the actual news goes, so what? Unless there was a lot more to those emails then just basic inquiries about passports and Mexico, all it proves is that the family may have been thinking about going for a trip. It doesn’t prove they crossed the border or disappeared on their own. If anything, it’s just another excuse for law enforcement to write them off as in Mexico and not have to do any work.

LE had these computers since the 20th of February, and this is the earliest they’ve received information from them? Either the forensic computer labs are backed up way too much, or the computer experts they have working are completely useless. This sort of info should have been available within the first few DAYS of having the computers.


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