Today’s moron at the McStay family IS message board is….


She posted the following:

03-30-2010, 06:14 PM
Lotus Song

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Well, if “summer” isn’t okay, then why has her webpage been updated (march 30, 2010)? type this in quickly before it gets booted:

Then go up to the address and paste this in there:

I mean, if it’s MM why would he care? And, if it wasn’t, who was it?

This is not an accurate indication of when the page was last updated

The problem with it is that it reads the date/time stamp that it is in your webbrowser cache. If you force a browser refresh that date and time changes to the most current. Go ahead and try it. Use the javascript to read this page, write it down and then force the browser to refresh (press F5) and than run the javascript again and you will see that the date and time has updated. It is not the time that the page was last modified. It is the date that is in your own web browser. The is NO sure fire way to absolutely be sure of the correct last modified date and time as the date/time stamp on the server itself can be over ridden.

Great “sleuthing” dimwit!


3 Responses to “Today’s moron at the McStay family IS message board is….”

  1. Dogs Says:

    You seem to have enough time on your hands to pay a great deal of attention to what is posted on I.S. I did agree about Tim Miller but then again would Tim make the comments he has if there was any chance the family is dead? Any of them? Wouldn’t that make him look just awful?
    I thought you were a woman, just goes to show ya 🙂

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