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Tim Miller should stick to his basic skill.

April 1, 2010

Tim is clearly not a good detective, and should stop throwing around remarks about Summer McStay having aliases, and clothes and shoes, when the aliases are clearly just different versions of the same thing. He’s not helping the McStay family in any way at all by playing detective.

For one, I distinctly remember one of Joey’s friends posting that Joey kept 2-3 extra pairs of shoes in his truck at all times.

A tense night over on the IS message boards, which brings me to my poster of the day award. This time it’s for the SMART poster, Deen! Deen has also been able to figure out that both doctor_j and *minnowman* are morons, and while deen is taking flack from the usual group of moron and moron supporters, he/she should be very proud of themselves for taking a stand. Deen is also taking flack for being so “foolish” as to have gone and met with and helped the family post flyers! Amazing, isn’t it? I think most of the people on the message boards haven’t seen the light of day in months, and wouldn’t have the courage to meet anyone anyways, even if they weren’t agoraphobic freaks with twisted minds.

Idiots like doctor_j and minnowman and grannyb and redcherries aren’t helping things at all. Sadly, they’ll never understand why what they do isn’t helpful, and instead will continue to whine and cry when called out on their antics. doctor_j may well have a reasonable excuse though, as medical studies have proven that many stroke sufferers do end up with diminished mental capabilities. As anyone can see by his obsessive posting about Joey’s business amongst other topics, he is clearly not playing with a full deck.

Now, about this Dante poster. Dante being a male name, if in fact Dante is a man I find it bizarre that he would post about how “cute” he finds the McStay boys to be. Maybe there’s something more going on with him that we don’t know about? Maybe he’s one of the youtube pervs we keep hearing about?

And to reiterate. I do not know any of the people involved. I’ve never met Joseph or Summer or any of their families. I’m not a she, I’m a he, and those who keep calling me a she are only proving their own childishness and immaturity by doing so. Not surprisingly, these are also the same people that don’t comprehend what they’re reading, have a hard time keeping up, and make generally insane comments and accusations.