Tim Miller should stick to his basic skill.

Tim is clearly not a good detective, and should stop throwing around remarks about Summer McStay having aliases, and clothes and shoes, when the aliases are clearly just different versions of the same thing. He’s not helping the McStay family in any way at all by playing detective.

For one, I distinctly remember one of Joey’s friends posting that Joey kept 2-3 extra pairs of shoes in his truck at all times.

A tense night over on the IS message boards, which brings me to my poster of the day award. This time it’s for the SMART poster, Deen! Deen has also been able to figure out that both doctor_j and *minnowman* are morons, and while deen is taking flack from the usual group of moron and moron supporters, he/she should be very proud of themselves for taking a stand. Deen is also taking flack for being so “foolish” as to have gone and met with and helped the family post flyers! Amazing, isn’t it? I think most of the people on the message boards haven’t seen the light of day in months, and wouldn’t have the courage to meet anyone anyways, even if they weren’t agoraphobic freaks with twisted minds.

Idiots like doctor_j and minnowman and grannyb and redcherries aren’t helping things at all. Sadly, they’ll never understand why what they do isn’t helpful, and instead will continue to whine and cry when called out on their antics. doctor_j may well have a reasonable excuse though, as medical studies have proven that many stroke sufferers do end up with diminished mental capabilities. As anyone can see by his obsessive posting about Joey’s business amongst other topics, he is clearly not playing with a full deck.

Now, about this Dante poster. Dante being a male name, if in fact Dante is a man I find it bizarre that he would post about how “cute” he finds the McStay boys to be. Maybe there’s something more going on with him that we don’t know about? Maybe he’s one of the youtube pervs we keep hearing about?

And to reiterate. I do not know any of the people involved. I’ve never met Joseph or Summer or any of their families. I’m not a she, I’m a he, and those who keep calling me a she are only proving their own childishness and immaturity by doing so. Not surprisingly, these are also the same people that don’t comprehend what they’re reading, have a hard time keeping up, and make generally insane comments and accusations.


13 Responses to “Tim Miller should stick to his basic skill.”

  1. ItsMyNickel Says:

    Stop that, Steph!


  2. ItsMyNickel Says:

    You tell me, you are the one who knows everything.

  3. Talula Says:

    Why was DeeN banned from IS? It seems every time someone doesn’t fall in line with the “group think,” and they aren’t GB, DJ, MM, SS, GK, TBO or AJ&T, they are banned. One of these “regulars” actually accused a newbie of having an affair with Joseph McStay, simply because this person repeatedly stated Joey was a nice guy. Others have accused Summer McStay of having affairs with every male she has ever come in contact with, including Joseph’s friends and family… and these people are still posting vile nonsense.

    • edocol Says:

      Yup, anyone who dares to call those fools out on their shockingly disgusting remarks ends up getting banned. Makes me wonder if one of “them” is also one of the mods. How else could people like grannyb and doctorj continually get away with being such awful people?
      doctorj especially, who states everything as FACT, never an opinion. He/she/it should have been banned weeks ago.

  4. ItsMyNickel Says:

    Dee was just posting there last night.
    It might have been a new name, though, I don’t know.
    This disappearance has gone cold.
    Nothing in the news, the IS board or this blog.
    Wonder if Steph still has “edited” clips of video?

  5. Dogs Says:

    Red Cherries was banned. That is a small miracle in itself.

    • edocol Says:

      That is fantastic and amazing.

      However, like just about all the other posters, I’m sure she’ll be back ranting and spouting her insanity in a day or less.

  6. Talula Says:

    DeeN is listed on the “Forum Leaders” board as being banned. She may have come back under a “similar” name.
    Red Cherries is crazy, but was only banned because she rubbed “regulars” the wrong way. Especially SavannahStar. SS incites riots against RC every single time RC posts something. She encourages others to taunt RC and make fun of her. Now, I do not agree with everything (well, actually, I do not agree with anything) that RC has to say, yet, I really felt sorry for RC, because each time RC posted something, SavannahStar would bang the drum and others would follow her lead.
    That is just pathetic to me. Everyone has the right to express their opinion on a public forum… no matter how crazy their opinion may seem. SavannahStar always puts forward her tolerance and diversity and “open-mindedness”, yet she openly incites, and encourages, others to ridicule a poster that “rubs her the wrong way.”

    • edocol Says:

      Well, quite frankly you’re full of shit.

      No one incites riots against redcherries, she’s entirely to blame for being so completely and utterly oblivious to reality.

      Clearly you have serious issues with SS, probably because she’s called you out on being a stupid moron in the past. Get over it. You are stupid.

  7. Talula Says:

    RC has the right to his/her opinions just like everyone else, no matter how crazy they may seem. Like I stated before, I do not agree with what he/she has stated, but I also do not agree that he/she, (or anyone, including yourself, LoCoDe) should be banned for expressing their opinions. And, believe it or not, I have never had issues with SS. She has never “called me out” for anything simply because I have never done anything to “be called out” for. In fact, SS and I have agreed upon many things about this case. The only “issue” I have with SS is her intolerance of RC’s “off the wall” postings. Take them for what they are and move on. Don’t incite a group riot about it.
    And once again, as always, you resort to name calling when someone is not in total agreement with your way of thinking. Nice.

  8. YahRight Says:

    The entire IS board is a mess. The moderator, bless her heart, is at least 100 years old. (14 great grandchildren) She simply is not up to the job. She allows the “annointed” posters to decide who gets to stay and who gets banned. If 50 posters attack one poster, I guarantee you, it will be the one poster that is banned. Its a joke. CNN should feel ashamed of the dictatorship on a opinion board. And you are right, most of the people there are full of shit.

  9. crimeboards Says:

    don’t forget caseview.us….where apparently all of edocol’s favorites have ended up. Wow I wish I had read this blog before I ever ventured into that snake pit!

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