Missing McStay case, more info on the man with the past.

March 19, 2010

Still talking about the man that has had prior dealing with either Joey or Summer.

Back in 2004 he was arrested and convicted of harassment and threats. Who was he harassing? A mother with 2 children (no connection to the McStay family).

He served 6 days jail, and was ordered to go to anger management counseling. There was a restraining order placed against him, and a civil suit was filed.

He violated his probation by not attending the counseling, came back before the court and had to follow through with the counseling.

OnJan 10, 2010 he was arrested, essentially for trespassing, but I do not know the full circumstance or the situation of the arrest. He served 3 days, and was given one year probation after pleading guilty on Jan 12, 2010. Unfortunately the sheriff’s arrest log only goes back 30 days, and they don’t seem to have an online archive.

He is an ex-Marine.

He is a surfer and a snowboarder.

He moved back to California at the end of 2009.

Is it possible that he’s carried a grudge against one of the McStay’s due to their dealings?

It is very possible that he may not have even realized that he might have been wronged (if he in fact was wronged, there is no proof of that) until recently, as there has been a lot of press recently about similar situations.

Again, I find it hard to believe in coincidence.

A man with a past history of anger problems, convicted of harassment and making threats, arrives back in California. Within 3 weeks of doing so, he is arrested. Within 3 weeks of that, the McStay family vanishes into thin air.


Follow up to a twist in the McStay case.

March 18, 2010

The person mentioned is ex-military, and has a conviction on his record for making threats.


In other news, apparently Texas Equu search is coming back to help out with the search for the McStay’s.

In news of the weird, it appears that Steph Watts has indeed starting working for the National Enquirer, as he’s posted a bizarre photo of a rock formation claiming that it might be the body of Natalee Holloway. Pathetic.

A twist in the missing McStay case?

March 17, 2010

There are coincidences in life, and then there are happenings that just don’t seem to fit.

Without naming names, a person who had a past history with one of the parents was arrested in Jan, 2010. Within 3 weeks of this happening, the family disappeared.

Coincidence? Random chance? I don’t know.

I do know this. I have shared this information with law enforcement. Whether anything comes of it is another question.

The “super sleuths” at the IS message boards continue to amaze. McStay family still missing.

March 16, 2010

No really, they are quite incredible.

They’re STILL trying to decipher the information around the McStay’s purchase of their house.

It’s really quite simple. Joey bought the house. Summer deeded her portion of the house to him, obviously because for whatever reason, her name wasn’t going to be on the loan. Joey then received the mortgage.

Summer: Grantor to Joey

Deutsche Bank – Grantor to Joey

Joey – Grantor to mortgage company.

There are three transactions, all filed on the same date, and they’re probably in the wrong order, causing about 2 seconds of confusion to anyone with COMMON SENSE.

But still the geniuses over at IS think that Summer somehow bought the house (despite their being no deed to her), or that Joey granted Summer something (showing that they don’t actually comprehend the meaning of grantor and grantee).

This was all well explained something like 2 weeks ago, but they can’t accept that explanation, or they’re so old and have such bad memories they can’t even remember it.

And if they really wanted to, they could order copies of the deeds online and have them mailed out! I guess that would be too easy.

And these people really think they can solve mysteries? LOL! They couldn’t solve the Caramilk secret, let alone a family of 4 disappearing.

They go around and around in circles about the same stuff. Why? Because they don’t have a freaking clue, that’s why!

Some genius wanted to put together a list of their “findings” and send it to LE. As if LE didn’t already have that info.

Another genius takes every possible opportunity to throw in a shot at Summer about aliases. It’s so childish, especially coming from someone whose ALIAS is “grannyb”. Grow up old woman. You’re a pathetic person.

Then there’s one genius who seems to think that Joey’s fountain business is a giant fraud.

Well genius (doctor j), take a look at this link:


Obviously with that amount of custom features, it’s pretty clear that his business was very legit.

I really feel bad for any members of the families who have taken the time to read any of these message boards. Reading these insane people coming up with insane theories and doing their best to slander their family members at all times must be terribly discouraging.

It’s also sad that these people don’t have their own lives to lead, and instead live on the internet desperately trying to make themselves feel worthy. Some even post that they’re losing sleep with worry. Face it, you’re not helping, you’re not capable of figuring this out, so if you really want to do some good in the world, volunteer your time to help others in your own community!

The bumbling idiots who post on the InSession message boards about the missing McStay family.

March 15, 2010

It makes me wince reading what these people post.

Someone thought they’d found a giant clue when they posted a link to a large real estate investment firm that happens to share a name with one of Joey McStay’s co-workers/partners.

It would have taken this moron all of 10 seconds to realize what they were looking at, but oh no, they run over and post it.

The firm isn’t even named after a person. Of course the all-mighty admin goes in and says that because it’s not the same “person”, all posts were deleted. It’s not even a person! LOL!

Last night a bunch of these brain-dead fools got together and posted a list of questions for Mike McStay to answer. It does seem that he is legitimately on the board, posting as Mike Dirt. All well and good, however most of the questions were stupid, and one clown even had the nerve to say that he owed it to them to tell them what he thought had happened to his family. Mike, if you’re smart, stay away from the fools. 98% of them are complete idiots who couldn’t “sleuthe” their way from the kitchen to the bathroom without help.

A lot of these people must have miserable, empty lives to spend so much of them speculating about other people. Some of them are just terrible people to begin with, constantly looking for some way to slander and/or blame someone, and make judgements about them, even though the only way they “know” them is through a few videos and pictures. I really believe that some of these people actually would prefer if there was some kind of messy ending to this story, so they could go on for months about it, potential court cases, etc etc.

Oh, and one thing I should point out to the posters. When Tim Miller makes an off the cuff remark about one person having “12 aliases”, it doesn’t actually mean that she has 12 aliases. It’s an exaggeration. All the aliases that this person has have been listed already.

Personally I truly hope that the McStay family is found alive and healthy and with a perfectly good explanation for what happened. That would obviously be the best possible ending. I’m not sure if that will happen, but I’m not going to speculate anymore as to what happened to make them disappear. I just wish the families all the best.

Steph Watts is BAD NEWS.

March 13, 2010


Mike McStay was 100% on the money when he called out Steph.

Steph has now affected the credibility of 2 major SAR organizations. Clearly, his credibility is now completely gone.

McStay family YouTube

March 12, 2010


I found this to be interesting. There are 3 playlists on Joey’s youtube page.

5 videos

My Boyz

1 week ago
more info

5 months ago
more info

The playlist called My Boyz says “1 week ago” ONE week ago? ONE WEEK?

Meaning it was created ONE WEEK ago?


The value of understanding what you read.

March 11, 2010

Back over on the insession message boards, the usual cast of suspects are again showing that they are completely unable to comprehend what they are reading.

Someone posts a link saying “sometimes a quit claim can be fraud”. Someone else takes that to mean ALL quit claims are fraud.

Someone reposts info from days ago, as explained by a RE agent, and the same group of old biddie hags can’t understand what they’re reading. For every one intelligent poster like savannah star who understands basic concepts, there’s 4 others who Cannot Understand Normal Thinking.

It’s a constant stream of slanderous posts, slandering Summer McStay, Joey McStay, Michael McStay…I’m actually surprised they haven’t yet slandered Gianni or Joey Jr.

Then there’s this whole idea some of the “sleuthers” seem to have that law enforcement somehow owes it to them to give them new info. What an insane thought. Oh, and the ones that actually believe that law enforcement is busy monitoring the boards at all times. Too funny.

I wonder what some of these saddos would do if their internet went down. Do you think they’d go for a walk, go visit a friend, something normal? I don’t. I think they’d fret and cry and worry that something might happen while they weren’t online and they’d miss being the first to post about it!

Another perfect example of a complete lack of understanding or comprehension.

A posted put up 2 links. One to the property deed being granted to Joey, with Deutsche Bank as one of the 2 grantors.


The other link to a news story about how Deutsche Bank is being investigated.


The response from one of my favorite brilliant minds?

“In a nutshell, what does it mean? Joey was involved in the Deutsch Bank fraud?”

No, you moron, it doesn’t. Go back to lurken already.

Who is LoCoDe/eDoCoL, and where are the McStay family?

March 11, 2010

First, let’s clear some stuff up.

I am not: Michael McStay, Summer McStay, or Joey McStay. I’m definitely not Steph Watts!

I don’t know a soul from the McStay family, or their extended families.

I came across this case just like anyone else did, by reading about it on the news. One thing led to another, and I entered the hellhole AKA the insession message boards.

90% of the people on the boards are simply terrible people.

I started with trying to find info, and posting interesting stuff, and reading what others had to say. However, it soon became apparent that many of the users, such as grannyb, dunlurken, and redcherries, are simply put, INSANE.

They simply do not think like a normal person would, and once they have something stuck in their tiny little heads, they never let it go. redcherries is STILL obsessing over whether or not there were any of the kids beanies in the house. Can you believe it?

So, ultimately I got into it with a few of them, got some violations, and got banned. Not a big deal, but I still followed the case. Steph Watts posted some terrible updates, terrible because he had the facts wrong, and terrible because for a professional journalist his spelling and grammar are atrocious! I then had to see that the amazing Steph Watts had leaked info that he wasn’t supposed to, and in doing so not only hurt his own credibility but that of Tim Miller as well.

So, I got into it with Steph as well.

The result of all this is that I’ve been accused of being Mike, Joey, Summer, Steph, and also that I’m hiding the family in Canada!

What does this tell me about “internet detectives”, you ask?

It tells me that MOST of them are mentally ill in some way. Sad people with no lives and nothing better to do than create havoc. And that’s really a shame, because some people are intelligent, can find interesting information, and have sound theories. Unfortunately those people are overwhelmed by the fools and morons.

The important thing however is that the family is hopefully found. Whatever the reason for the disappearance, and there are many possibilities, they seem to be a great family and I would hate it if something bad has happened to them

All the best…