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December 16, 2018

Cooperstowners in Canada

My weekly observations and notes about some Canadian baseball stories:

·         Think of what it would be like if you performed at a high level in your field for more than two decades and then finally 17 years after you’ve retired you receive the ultimate honour and are inducted into your field’s Hall of Fame or your colleagues plan a special tribute in your honour that you can share with your family. Now think about what it would be like if in the seven days after the announcement of your special honour, an objective group of analysts (most of whom you’ve never met) went over your performance numbers and took to social media to denigrate and crap all over your accomplishments. How would that make you feel? Well, welcome to Harold Baines’s world. Whether you believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame or not, for gosh sake, let him…

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Tim Miller should stick to his basic skill.

April 1, 2010

Tim is clearly not a good detective, and should stop throwing around remarks about Summer McStay having aliases, and clothes and shoes, when the aliases are clearly just different versions of the same thing. He’s not helping the McStay family in any way at all by playing detective.

For one, I distinctly remember one of Joey’s friends posting that Joey kept 2-3 extra pairs of shoes in his truck at all times.

A tense night over on the IS message boards, which brings me to my poster of the day award. This time it’s for the SMART poster, Deen! Deen has also been able to figure out that both doctor_j and *minnowman* are morons, and while deen is taking flack from the usual group of moron and moron supporters, he/she should be very proud of themselves for taking a stand. Deen is also taking flack for being so “foolish” as to have gone and met with and helped the family post flyers! Amazing, isn’t it? I think most of the people on the message boards haven’t seen the light of day in months, and wouldn’t have the courage to meet anyone anyways, even if they weren’t agoraphobic freaks with twisted minds.

Idiots like doctor_j and minnowman and grannyb and redcherries aren’t helping things at all. Sadly, they’ll never understand why what they do isn’t helpful, and instead will continue to whine and cry when called out on their antics. doctor_j may well have a reasonable excuse though, as medical studies have proven that many stroke sufferers do end up with diminished mental capabilities. As anyone can see by his obsessive posting about Joey’s business amongst other topics, he is clearly not playing with a full deck.

Now, about this Dante poster. Dante being a male name, if in fact Dante is a man I find it bizarre that he would post about how “cute” he finds the McStay boys to be. Maybe there’s something more going on with him that we don’t know about? Maybe he’s one of the youtube pervs we keep hearing about?

And to reiterate. I do not know any of the people involved. I’ve never met Joseph or Summer or any of their families. I’m not a she, I’m a he, and those who keep calling me a she are only proving their own childishness and immaturity by doing so. Not surprisingly, these are also the same people that don’t comprehend what they’re reading, have a hard time keeping up, and make generally insane comments and accusations.

Today’s moron at the McStay family IS message board is….

March 30, 2010


She posted the following:

03-30-2010, 06:14 PM
Lotus Song

Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 115
Well, if “summer” isn’t okay, then why has her webpage been updated (march 30, 2010)? type this in quickly before it gets booted:


Then go up to the address and paste this in there:

I mean, if it’s MM why would he care? And, if it wasn’t, who was it?

This is not an accurate indication of when the page was last updated

The problem with it is that it reads the date/time stamp that it is in your webbrowser cache. If you force a browser refresh that date and time changes to the most current. Go ahead and try it. Use the javascript to read this page, write it down and then force the browser to refresh (press F5) and than run the javascript again and you will see that the date and time has updated. It is not the time that the page was last modified. It is the date that is in your own web browser. The is NO sure fire way to absolutely be sure of the correct last modified date and time as the date/time stamp on the server itself can be over ridden.

Great “sleuthing” dimwit!

More brilliant work from the “seasoned sleuths” at the IS message boards.

March 30, 2010

Poor old G***** K******

She posts a link to one of the new stories about apparent emails or search queries on the internet by the McStay family.

The article includes a picture of a bank of computers. She’s desperately trying to blow up the picture so she can see the info on the screens.

Surely a “seasoned sleuth” would realize that the Sheriff’s department wouldn’t allow anyone to take pictures of their computers, wouldn’t they? LOL! It’s a STOCK PHOTO moron!

Here’s the link so you can see for yourselves.


In other news, minnowman makes yet another enemy by snapping at savannahstar for no reason, and poor sad little moondust mentions how they brought something up before but was shot down. How many times is that now moondust? 12? 15? Boohoo.

As far as the actual news goes, so what? Unless there was a lot more to those emails then just basic inquiries about passports and Mexico, all it proves is that the family may have been thinking about going for a trip. It doesn’t prove they crossed the border or disappeared on their own. If anything, it’s just another excuse for law enforcement to write them off as in Mexico and not have to do any work.

LE had these computers since the 20th of February, and this is the earliest they’ve received information from them? Either the forensic computer labs are backed up way too much, or the computer experts they have working are completely useless. This sort of info should have been available within the first few DAYS of having the computers.

Today’s IS message boards psycho.

March 29, 2010

Actually, I think this was from yesterday, but it’s my blog, so I’ll post it when I want to.

“g***** k******

I want to stress something that I feel is important. Many, including myself, got off track on who may be involved. This is due to a lack of constructive information, not malintent. While it’s true that no one owes us anything, not family, not LE, it certainly can add to the cause when accurate information is provided. There are many seasoned sleuthers here and given the right information, someone may just come up with the clue that we all need to find this family. Without the correct information, or lack of any information, we speculate and that is all we can do.

We all want to help and 30 heads are better than one, IMO. If it were me, I’d be spilling my guts with whatever I could. “

I starred out her alias on the off chance that it may in fact be a real name.

Remember kids, this is the same “seasoned sleuther” that posted a link to a company that shares a name with the welder for EIP, thinking that it was in fact his own website. Now I’m not a “seasoned sleuther”, but even I knew to click on the site’s about us page to find out that it was started by someone with a different name. Wow.

All these self-proclaimed “seasoned sleuthers” are doing is chasing their own tails around weeks old information and coming up with incredibly insane theories. I wouldn’t put it past these geniuses to start suggesting that the McStay’s killed Natalee Holloway.

Here’s a thought for you message board posters. If you were so darn smart, you’d have solved this case and every other one by now. Unfortunately, it’s clear that you are not very smart. If you really wanted to get involved with solving crime, you could join the police force. The only things you accomplish with your idiocy is to drag people through the muck by making crazy and unfounded accusations against their character.

So here’s what you should do if you have a theory, or a clue, or some information. CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT! Don’t post about it on a message board that the families of the missing, or the missing themselves, if found, may one day read.

PS. the suggested spell-check replacement for ‘sleuther’ is ‘slither’. Seems fitting considering that most of these ‘sleuthers’ are nothing but dirty & childish snakes.

McStay family still missing. New theory from Joey’s mother.

March 28, 2010

Apparently Summer was actively using Craigslist to shop for new/used furniture for the house, and there is speculation that the trip on the 4th was to meet someone at the local park & ride to either give a deposit or pay for and pick up an item. It’s been said that this park & ride is a bad place.

So, why would all of them go? Well, that seems obvious. Joey wouldn’t let Summer go alone, or she wouldn’t go alone because she’d be scared to. Clearly they couldn’t leave the kids at the house, so therefore they packed the kids into the Trooper and went together.

So if they met with foul play at the park & ride, what then?

Well, the Bonsall Reserve is mere minutes away from the park & ride, for one. It’s a large wooded area. First thing tomorrow I’d be out there searching it. Personally I’ve never felt this was an intended disappearance, and I think the whole thing with the car at the border and the supposed video of the family crossing was either a great red herring, or a sign that LE just took the easy way out rather than actually search. Just look at the Amber Dubois case for an example.

As far as Tim Miller’s comments, I think of them as meaningless and very unhelpful to the case, if they were comments that he actually made and weren’t made up by Steph Watts.

And back to the morons at the IS message boards who seem intent on dragging every little bit of Joey and Summer’s and Mike’s lives through the dirt. Seriously people, it’s time to stop posting your idiotic theories as if they were fact. Have enough respect for the families to at the very least, call your posts your own opinion. To say that it’s clear that the EIP business couldn’t support the family, or in one case, didn’t even exist, based on your own clueless sleuthing is unacceptable. cookiedog and lotussong get today’s awards for complete LOSERS of the day.

McStay family still missing. Another interesting fact.

March 27, 2010

According to the Orange County Government ‘fictitious business names’ site, this happened on March 16, 2010.

20106224075    EarthInspiredProducts.com    03/16/2010    03/16/2015    Michael McStay

Interesting because it’s exactly one month and one day after Joseph and family disappeared.

Interesting as well that Joseph had already registered that business name (without the .com).

20066094047    EARTH INSPIRED PRODUCTS    11/28/2006    11/28/2011    JOSEPH MCSTAY

20066094047    EIP    11/28/2006    11/28/2011    JOSEPH MCSTAY

20056038854    EARTH INSPIRED PRODUCTS    08/08/2005    08/08/2010    JOSEPH MC STAY

Possibly this was only done as a way for Michael to legally help out with the business, I don’t know. It is an intriguing development.

My IS message boards loser of the day is shared by doctor j and redcherries. Both these “people” seem to believe that by doing some “sleuthing” they’ve determined that there’s no way  at all that earth inspired products could possibly have made enough money to support the family. They have no access to tax returns, or sales reports, no, they base this on site traffic reports from companies that probably don’t have the full picture of the traffic that goes to the site. One such company relies only on data from users that use their own toolbar, for example. Or in other words, completely bogus and useless information.

Their alternate income theory is Summer’s mortgage rescue site, a site which according the very same sites they use to prove that EIP gets no traffic show clearly that Summer’s site gets even less. Geniuses at work, I tell you!

Missing McStay family. Where’s the motivation? And why wait so long to search?

March 25, 2010

While the geniuses over at the InSession message boards are busy infighting and coming up with insane theories, they’ve managed to miss the best clue so far. The motivation.

As posted by ‘Mike Dirt’, aka Michael McStay, Joseph McStay’s brother and much-maligned person.

“Custom builds out of various subcontracted metal working facilities.”

This was posted in response to one of the really ugly posters who felt it was his duty to tear apart every possible part of the EIP business, especially the advertised 50,000 sq foot warehouse.

So you ask, what does this have to do with motivation?

Read it again while remembering that one of Joey’s “partners” is a welder. You know, the one who is the ex-con.

To me, this made CM an expendable part of the business. If you don’t have your own manufacturing facility anymore, and you’re out-sourcing the metal work, you don’t need a welder around anymore, do you?

When coupled with the information that the lunch meeting the day of the disappearance was with CM, many calls were exchanged that day with CM, that CM supposedly make 4 trips to the home (9,10,11,12th)  after the Izuzu was left at the border, and his past convictions and shady business dealings, it’s hard to overlook.

Joey had apparently just received a large custom order. Possibly CM felt he deserved a piece of that order, and Joey was shutting him out. I’m only speculating here, but after sex, money is the main motivator in most crimes.

I’ve always questioned the 4 visits to the house CM reportedly made after the Izuzu was left at the border. Calling them “welfare checks” seems like a cover to explain why he was there. If they really were “welfare checks”, surely the notices from the Animal Control officer would have prompted him to call the father much sooner than he did.

I think it’s entirely possible that those trips had a lot more to do with looking for some kind of paperwork related to the deal, even possibly waiting to intercept mail or a package of some kind. It would be very interesting to see the neighbour’s tapes for those days, and if it was possible to pick out CM’s vehicle and figure out how long it was there. Remember, with the street being a dead-end, he had to come out the same way as he came in.

As far as the family not searching until possibly this weekend, I believe they’ve simply listened to law enforcement, which may have been a mistake. I’d hate to think of law enforcement as being easily fooled, but it seems the leaving of the Izuzu at the border may well have done so. With them being convinced the family was in Mexico, and Joey and Summer’s families not having any experience with this sort of thing, it’s understandable that they would go along with that theory. Now, I believe that they have begun to understand that this theory may be completely wrong. Unfortunately there’s so much time that has passed that unless they get some help in the way of a confession or a lucky break, finding the family isn’t going to be easy at all.

Today I’m also giving an award to 2 bloggers that are smart enough to understand that no, I’m not one of the missing family or a friend of them. Savannahstar and achristie may not be the only posters who think that, but they were the only 2 I saw that risked the wrath of the moron brigade by posting their beliefs. This also shows that they have a refreshing lack of paranoia about them, as most of the morons on the site seem to have a conspiracy theory for everything. The complete moron of the day goes to the brand new poster, sara. Not only is she a paranoid conspiracy theorist, she would also appear to be in the manic phase of a bi-polar disorder. Get some help sara, you need it.

Warning, geniuses at work! Unfortunately, the McStay family is still missing.

March 24, 2010

The IS message boards are full of them. LOL!

I swear these people couldn’t find the Pacific ocean from Hawaii.

And what’s with the constant use of HINKY?

Seriously, that word was over the moment it was used on TV. Yet all these morons keep prattling on about their “hinky meters”.

I think this says it all….

From the 1993 movie of “The Fugitive”:

Marshal Biggs: It’s hinky, Sam. I mean, this guy is a college graduate. He became a doctor. I mean, he ain’t gonna go through here with all this security. Hinky.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Biggs, what does that mean, hinky?
Marshal Biggs: I don’t know. Strange. Weird.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Well, why don’t you say strange or weird? I mean hinky, that has no meaning.
Marshal Biggs: Well, we say hinky.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don’t want you guys using words with no meaning.

About the only good thing on the IS boards is the “ignore” function. Beautiful.

If psychics are real, then there would be no missing people.

March 23, 2010

Sadly over on the McStay family IS boards yesterday, a bunch of people were waiting up because some psychic or “forensic astrologist” had predicted that something would happen on Sunday.


As Penn & Teller said so well, psychic phenomena is BULL SHIT! Astrology is BULL SHIT as well.

No one has ever proven themselves to be psychic. It’s simply not real.

Oh, and there aren’t any ghosts either. Just so you know.

I really hope the families aren’t stupid enough to start listening to psychic BS.

I love the classic psychic answer to the lottery question. You know the one, “if you’re psychic why don’t you win the lottery?”. They always answer by claiming that their powers don’t work for personal gain. YET, they have no problem charging for readings. Hmmmmmmmm…….

Back to the message boards for a bit. These people are mostly vile individuals.  If the family isn’t in the news for a day or so, they think it’s because they know where they are, or they’re being negligent. When they are in the news, someone else is claiming that they’re publicity hungry, that it’s all a stunt like balloon boy, and that they’re looking to profit. Some of these people need to give their heads a giant shake. These families are trying to keep their own lives together, look after their own incomes, their own kids who have practices and recitals and what not. There’s not a whole lot more that they can do, unless they give up their own incomes, which just isn’t practical.

And as far as the McStay family goes, so many board posters go on and on about their being “no searches”. Well seriously, where do they start?

There is one thing that everyone seems to be in agreement on though. One precious thing. That the poster ‘redcherries’ is absolutely insane. That is one poster that everyone should ignore. LOL!